Faculty Directory

Last Name First Name E-mail Position
King Sr. LaVerne slking@christtheteacher.org Principal
Adams Mr. Stephen sadams@christtheteacher.org Assistant Principal
Gallagher Mrs. Tina tgallagher@christtheteacher.org Business Manager
Short Mrs. Rosemarie rshort@christtheteacher.org Administrative Assistant
Ackerman Mr. Paul packerman@christtheteacher.org Grade 7 Teacher
Angotti Mrs. Jennifer jangotti@christtheteacher.org Grade 1 & 2 Teacher Aide
Allison Mrs. Laura lallison@christtheteacher.org Pre-School Teacher
Bennett Mrs. Debbie dbennett@christtheteacher.org Cafeteria Manager
Bauer Ms. Christine cbauer@christtheteacher.org Grade 1 Teacher
Carpenter Mrs. Angela acarpenter@christtheteacher.org Grade 6 Teacher
Cierniak Mrs. Inger icierniak@christtheteacher.org Technology Teacher
Cilento Mrs. Sharon scilento@christtheteacher.org Art Teacher
Colella Mrs. Kelli kcolella@christtheteacher.org School Counselor
Conrad Mrs. Lori lconrad@christtheteacher.org Grade 2 Teacher
Cupeto Mrs. Lorraine lcupeto@christtheteacher.org Pre-School Teacher Aide & Extended Day Program
Detrick Mrs. Laura ldetrick@christtheteacher.org Librarian
Hackett Mr. George ghackett@christtheteacher.org Physical Education & Athletics
Johnson  Mr. Richard rjohnson@christtheteacher.org  Music Teacher
Jones Ms. Jessica jjones@christtheteacher.org Grade 8 Teacher
Lee Mrs. Kathy klee@christtheteacher.org ELA & Math Teacher Grades 3-5
Lenihan Mrs. Jeannette office@christtheteacher.org Main Office Assistant
Lofink Mrs. Mary mlofink@christtheteacher.org Kindergarten Teacher
Maguire Mrs. Mary mmaguire@christtheteacher.org Kindergarten Teacher Aide
Mahler Mrs. Tina office@christtheteacher.org Main Office Assistant
Majerus Mrs. Antoinette amajerus@christtheteacher.org Cafeteria
Marino Mrs. Erin emarino@christtheteacher.org Grade 2 Teacher Aide
Maunder Mrs. Alex amaunder@christtheteacher.org Grade 5 Teacher
McCunney Mrs. Denise dmccunney@christtheteacher.org Grade 6 Teacher
Murray Mrs. Laura lmurray@christtheteacher.org Math Teacher Grades 5-8
Naccarato Mrs. Colleen cnaccarato@christtheteacher.org Advancement & Technology Teacher
Nardo Mrs. Nikki nnardo@christtheteacher.org Cafeteria Assistant
Nottingham  Mrs. Christina cnottingham@christtheteacher.org Grade 2 Teacher
O’Mara Mrs. Denise domara@christtheteacher.org Cafeteria Assistant
Ortiz Mrs. Debbie dortiz@christtheteacher.org Grade 1 Teacher
Paskevicius Mrs. Kristen kpaskevicius@christtheteacher.org Kindergarten Teacher
Phelan Mrs. Mary Pat mphelan@christtheteacher.org Grade 3 Teacher
Phillips Mrs. Liz lphillips@christtheteacher.org Grade 3 Teacher
Phillips Mrs. Susan sphillips@christtheteacher.org Grade 5 Teacher
Potts Mrs. Kristin kpotts@christtheteacher.org Grade 4 Teacher
Pronsati Sister Rosalie srpronsati@christtheteacher.org Religion Coor. & Grade 5 ELA
Skinner Mrs. Rasheeda rskinner@christtheteacher.org Grade 8 Teacher
Sparco Mrs. Cindy csparco@christtheteacher.org Grade 1 Teacher Aide
Stollings Mr. Gary gstollings@christtheteacher.org Maintenance
Taggart Mrs. Marjorie mtaggart@christtheteacher.org Librarian
Tegan Ms. Kristen ktegan@christtheteacher.org Grade 7 Teacher
Wathey Mrs. Aimee awathey@christtheteacher.org Grade 4 Teacher
Volpe Mrs. Melissa mvolpe@christtheteacher.org Spanish Teacher Gr. K-8
Young Mrs. Karen kyoung@christtheteacher.org Kindergarten Teacher Aide
Zimmerman Mrs. Christine czimmerman@christtheteacher.org School Nurse


  • Let it be known to all who enter here
    that CHRIST is the reason for this school.
    He is the unseen, but ever present Teacher in its classes.
    He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.
    ………Author Unknown

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