2nd Grade

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Grade 2 Highlights

This is a very special year for our second grade students.  A new and blessed relationship happens for these children as they experience the close communion with Jesus that is possible when they receive his living Body and his Precious Blood in Holy Communion.

Second graders receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. According to diocesan policy, the sacraments are received at your home parish. Thus, parents of second graders should contact your respective parish in August prior to second grade to inquire about the policies for sacraments.  Generally, the preparation for Reconciliation is during the fall and the preparation for Eucharist in the spring. We are happy to verify two years of religious instruction for all children who have been at Christ the Teacher since Kindergarten.  Those children will not have to attend the complete religious education program at the parish. It will only be necessary for parents to attend two parent meetings and for children to attend a few very sacrament specific classes and the retreat. If your children have not attended Catholic school for two compete years, please consult your parish office to seek further information. After all of the second graders have received their First Holy Communion in their respective parishes, we have a school celebration Liturgy for this very special moment in the lives of our students.  This late May Liturgy also includes our May devotion to Mary, Our Mother, with crowning in the church and at the outdoor shrine (weather permitting), and the graduation celebration for our eighth graders who will soon move on to high school.

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