5th Grade

Classroom Teachers

Grade 5 Highlights

There are many exceptional opportunities for your child to grow both spiritually and academically during their fifth grade experience.  This is a year in which independence and organizational skills are nurtured. The All Saints Celebration, the preparation and visit to Biztown, and the creation of a Year End Time Capsule are the highlights of fifth grade.

Throughout the years, the younger students have anticipated the opportunity to participate in the All Saints Celebration which is held on October 31st, in anticipation of All Saints Day on November 1st. Students will choose a saint they admire to pray to, research, write about, and dress as. This culminates in oral presentations which the students present to the student body, family, and friends.  Often this leads to a lifelong devotion to the chosen saint as well as a fond memory of their fifth grade year.

In the spring, our trip to Biztown will be the first experience that your child will have in the business world. The month long preparation involves exploring economic concepts, practicing interviewing skills and discussion of job readiness. Money management, business ethics, and philanthropy are also included in the curriculum. The students are assigned jobs and hold those positions for the day at Biztown. This is a hands-on memorable learning adventure!