Classroom Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten Highlights

Hello and welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten at Christ the Teacher Catholic School! Thank you so much for your interest in our 3’s and 4’s Pre-K program. We are very proud of our program and hope that you will visit our web page to see all of the wonderful things that we do in Pre-K! We are blessed in so many ways to be a part of the Christ the Teacher Catholic School Community.

Our children have a unique opportunity to experience the love of Jesus everyday, not only in our preschool lessons, but most importantly, in our interactions with our Sisters of Mercy, the students, teachers and staff here at Christ the Teacher Catholic School.  We are very fortunate to be included in the planning and participation of the school’s activities throughout the year. We have the daily use of all of the school’s facilities, along with our beautifully equipped and engaging classroom! Our curriculum is greatly enhanced by the extraordinary opportunity to be taught by CTTCS specialized teachers in Music Class, Physical Fitness (Gym), and Library Class.   Our Pre-K students love being a part of our Catholic school community. You can see it in the smiles on their faces as they happily skip into our classroom each preschool day. You can see it in the way they learn to interact with one another in a kind and caring way. You can see it in their proud little faces as they announce, “I go to ‘Big-Kid’ school now!” and you will see it when you plan to visit with us!

Remember to take a look at our webpage for additional Pre-K information. Thanks again and God Bless!