Home & School Association

Who are we?

Every Christ the Teacher parent is a member of the Home and School Association.  We are the volunteer parent representatives of an regional-school community comprised of parents, students, teachers, administrators and pastors who believe the way of life proclaimed by the Catholic Church through sacred.

In addition to the entire Home and School Association, there is an Executive Committee that meets monthly  to assist and collaborate with the administration to:

  • Provide fundraising activities
  • Recommend, provide, and student activities and assemblies
  • Support teachers

The Executive Committee depends on volunteers (parents, grandparents, friends, etc. in sub-committees to assist them in makes all of the activities of the Home and School possible.


It is our mission to support the mission of Christ the Teacher. The mission of Christ the Teacher Catholic School is to welcome and embrace each child, as an individual who is uniquely abled, into a learning environment which seeks to develop and challenge the whole person – intellectually, spiritually and physically – and fosters in each child an attitude of enthusiastic, compassionate, and faith filled service, thus cultivating the knowledge and love of God and the virtues of respect, mercy and service to God’s people.


  1. To assist the administration, faculty and staff in their responsibilities in caring for and educating our children, particularly in their faith development.
  2. To further support the educational process of this school through fundraisers.
  3. To organize and increase the use of the varied talents of parishioners and others in the community to enhance the education of the students.
  4. To provide opportunities for the families, faculty and administration to socialize and build community through social and educational opportunities.


  1. To promote and assist in fun raising and fundraising activities for the specific needs of CTTCS.
  2. To help parents and teachers acquire a profound appreciation for the Catholic education with special attention to welcoming new CTTCS community members
  3. To aid faculty and students through service projects, classroom and school wide activity efforts
  4. To support and encourage teachers by providing luncheons, treats, and organizing Christmas gift giving

Home and School Executive Committee

Position Name E-mail
President Julie Feeley julie2219@verizon.net
Member Nikki Woodham woody12del@comcast.net
Member Debbie Ortiz blessedmom@defendyourdata.com

Information Flyer & Procedures

Home and School Pamphlet

Procedures for CTT Catholic Home & School Asso. Executive Committee