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CTT’s “Circus of the Kids”

During Christ the Teacher’s first ever production of “Circus of the Kids”, the circus coaches “took over” our school gym for two weeks. For the first two days, the entire student body had the opportunity to experience the fun and trials of a variety of circus acts. The students attempted to balance and walk on giant three-foot balls, steady feathers on their noses and hands, swing from a trapeze, tumble through hoops, and walk a tightrope.  What an exhilarating experience!

Then twenty-five adventurous and courageous students became performers as they participated in a placement audition and approximately ten hours of practice. Parents, teachers, and administrators could watch performers mature in numerous ways, such as strength, dedication, self-determination, and confidence. Through learning circus acts, the students developed a strong sense of self-discipline, endurance, and perseverance.  They tested their limits in both body and mind.  They reached beyond a fear of heights and public performance.  They learned to recover from mistakes and move on gracefully.  They grew in mind and spirit, and expanded and refined team-building skills.  Their self-esteem reached new levels. Finally, in seven magnificent performances, the students performed a variety of circus acts that mesmerized crowds “under the Big Top” at CTT. “Ooohs” and “Ahhhhs” filled the air as the students took center stage and showed off their impressive talents.

While learning how to set goals and work in teams to achieve personal and team goals, the students found they could perform physical feats they never believed possible. The product of their hard work and dedication was an incredible production of success and entertainment providing these students with pride and enjoyment.  The “Big Top” at Christ the Teacher Catholic School was a most astonishing experience.

Circus of the Kids is the only program of its kind in the United States. The goal is to connect children, parents, schools, and communities with our special mix of fun, arts, exercise, and character building learning opportunities.

Bruce Pfeffer, “Circus of the Kids” director, wanted to educate children in extraordinary ways and in limited time. So he developed a circus arts instruction program adaptable to various age levels and began marketing it to schools, summer camps, and family resorts.  Mr. Pfeffer needed helpers to make the program function well and meet with success. He found an amazing group of team players in his dedicated and talented coaches.  The results were remarkable.  Kids didn’t just sit passively and watch a performance.  They were the performance, from the ringmaster to the star performers.  It encourages students to push beyond their comfort zone, and try something new and exciting, all within a safe and controlled environment.  Not only did they learn new skills from the Circus of the Kids experience, they developed the rock solid character traits all parents want their children to have—things like self-esteem and endurance, persistence and self-discipline. They tested their limits.  They succeeded.  During the whole experience, they had lots of fun.

Since 1982, Circus of the Kids has appeared at more than 340 venues throughout the U.S. and Canada and brought the joy of the circus to more than 575,000 kids of all ages.  Christ the Teacher is the first school in Delaware to host “Circus of the Kids”.

Student circus acts performances led by a student ring master include: acrobatics on a spinning triple lira hanging 15 feet in the air, roller skating while spinning, fire eating, trapeze artists, a trampoline act, a human jump rope,  rolla-rolla balancers, a daring aerial ballet act, a beautifully choreographed suspended silk routine, and flying strap aerial performances flying while dazzled the spectators.

Parental Perspective

CTT administrators received the most amazingly positive feedback from parents, students, family and friends who enjoyed incredible performances. The feedback on this program can be summed up in the words of two of our school parents.

From a Circus Star’s Dad:

I want to say thank you for all of your time, effort, and coordination in bringing to and hosting the Circus of the Kids at CTT. I have to admit that I really didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have a full appreciation for its value initially.  However, it was truly astonishing watching the kids work so hard for over a week and then put on a series of fabulous shows.  I was incredibly proud of all of the kids and what they accomplished.  It was quite emotional to watch them perform with confidence, perseverance, and joy.

I also want to express that I thought the crew was fantastic! Their patience,, kindness, and ability to build a trusting bond with the kids was amazing!  They were a really nice group to work with and the kids seemed to really enjoy their time with them.

I personally was very moved by the event and the experience my kids gained from their participation. I hope others found the same and we can make their an even greater success next year!

Sincerely, Brent S.

From a Circus Star Mom:

Dear Bruce,

First of all, I want to thank Sr. LaVerne and Kelli Colella for bringing the circus to CTT. I have to be honest, at first I said no way are my kids joining the circus!  After they had a chance to try out some stunts during school, they came home and begged to join the circus.  I gave in and I am so glad that I did.

During the two weeks that Circus of the Kids was here, I got to watch practices and get to know your coaches and staff. Each and every person there was awesome, interesting, professional and wonderful with the children.   I had no idea of what this circus truly would accomplish in the end. It was certainly exhausting because the children only had a short period of time to get their routines down before the shows started.  These routines were not easy and truly challenged each and every child.  The dedication and precision that was involved to make this work from the coaches and the children (and the set up of equipment) was unbelievable and necessary.

There was a point about half way in where one of my kids was so tired and a little scratched up, but she always said that she wanted to keep going. The coaches would push and to see how the kids reacted to them was just amazing.  They had fun while achieving very intricate acts.  And I know that is from the talented coaches.  I was at 5 of the shows and still watched in amazement.  I remember looking at my family and friends’ faces that came to the shows and could see that they couldn’t believe their eyes – that our school kids were doing what they were doing.  That truly takes a talented staff to have these kids trust in them to get them to do what they did.

Even the gym being transformed into a circus was fun to see.

My kids were so sad when they were breaking down to leave CTT. I think they felt like they made a bunch of good friends and are going to miss them and the excitement that the circus brought to the school.  But at least they will always have this once in a lifetime memory that they got to be the main acts in a circus.

So, I am saying thank you very much for a great opportunity!

Denise O. for Elizabeth & Haley

RING MASTER Evan J. (Grade 8)

Cassidy B. (Grade 6), Sophia J. (Grade 4), and Nithya M. (Grade 5)

Erin F. (Grade 5), Abby S. (Grade 2), and Matthew S. (Grade 2)

Lizzy K. (Grade 6), Hailey M. (Grade 4), and Stylianna M. (Grade 5)

Carissa B. (Grade 7) and Lizzy O. (Grade 8)

Evan J. (Grade 8)

Mikey S. (Grade 4)

Elena G. (Grade 4)

Shannon B. (Grade 4) and Charmaine P. (Grade 6)

Sophia A. (Grade 7), Isabella G. (Grade 7), Ferdelle K. (Grade 4), Haley O. (Grade 7), Monica S. (Grade 4), and Emilee S. (Grade 4)

Isaiah M. (Grade 4) and Jasmine P. (Grade 8)

Jordan T. (Grade 5)

Copyright 2010 Circus of the Kids

Cassidy B., Nithya M. & Sophia J.

Abby Sanders & Circus Coach Jimmy Bray
Abby S. with coach Jimmy Bray

Copyright 2010 Circus of the Kids

Lizzy O. & Carissa B.

Copyright 2010 Circus of the Kids
Stylianna M., Hailey M., & Lizzy K.

Shannon Barber

Shannon B.

Copyright 2010 Circus of the Kids
Sophia A.

Copyright 2010 Circus of the Kids
Mikey S.

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