Home and School Association Programs

Guardian Angel Program

Home and School Executive Committee members organize partner “Guardian Angels” between an existing school family and new families. An effort is made to connect families who have children in the same grades so that questions can be easily answered and friendships can be established.

How can you be an active partner in the CTT Community?

For the safety of all of our students, all volunteers must provide evidence of a background check completed within the past five years. To process a Background Check, send $30 per person to the school business manager and obtain a code number.  Go to the main page of our school website www.CTTCS.org) on the main page bottom left corner click on “Background Checks” and input the code you obtained and personal  information.  The information is  processed directly with Hyden and Associates. More information is available at the main office.

Volunteer your time and talent. Get involved. Stay involved. Sign up to donate an item or sign up to help out at a function or both. An extra pair of helping hands is always appreciated. CTT parents are proud to be a part of our community and we are happy you are here.

To get involved in one of the Home and School activities or if you have questions or comments about information found on the website, please the main office (office@christtheteacher.org).

Fundraising Progress

Fundraisers further enhance each student’s school experience by allowing the school to provide opportunities and activities to students that are not part of the school budget that bring additional value to the students and the school.

Fundraisers also allow us to provide parents with a stable tuition fee in a fluctuating economy, as well as the extra educational items to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Since the school opened in September 2002, fundraising efforts have provided wonderful opportunites for our students. The athletic Committee raised funds to provide sports activites for the children. Home and School fundraising, generous donations, and collections such as “Box Tops for Education and “Campball’s Soup Labels” efforts have also enabled:

  • Academic Programs
  • Laptop Computers and Technology Upgrades
  • Textbook Replacement
  • Middle States School Accreditation Expenses
  • Playground
  • Playing Fields and Sports Storage
  • Athletics Building Fund
  • Student Activities

Did you know?

The four sponsoring parishes support the school by providing a total of $60,000 annually.
This defrays the cost of tuition for all parents who are registered and participating members of one of the sponsoring parishes.

Additional ways of helping

    • Support the Italian Dinner during Catholic Schools Week
    • Casino Night fundraiser for parents and friends
    • Assist at the Ice cream social for students
    • Attend the Wine Tasting Party for Parents
    • Movie Night for Families
    • Help during Catholic Schools Week Activities
    • Celebrate special occasions
    • Harvest Fest
    • Science Olympiad leadership
    • Chaperone class trips

Parent Resources and Helpful Information

Evergreen Group – Contact the Guidance Counselor at 302-838-8850 ext. 218
Goodsearch.com – is a search engine that gives a penny to the school each time it is used.

  •  Ex-Officio Members
    Sister LaVerne – Principal – slking@christtheteacher.org
    Steve Adams – Assistant Principal sadams@christtheteacher.org
    Tina Gallagher – Business Manager – tgallagher@christtheteacher.org