Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Wilmington will faithfully carry out the mission of Christ…

  • by promoting and modeling the internalization of the Good News of Jesus as expressed through the Catholic vision of the world of people.
  • by providing a holistic approach in catechesis which incorporates the truths and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • by developing and nurturing school faith communities which foster the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual potential of teachers and learners.
  • by being committed to academic excellence which fosters the intellectual development of faculty and students.
  • by being committed to and practicing the challenge of Gospel stewardship, including economic justice and sound management practices in the use of all resources, including personnel, facilities, and finances.
  • by enabling those who have little economic means, lack assistance, are not of the faith or have no family, to be among privileged beneficiaries of Catholic education. (Gravissimum educationis, No. 8)
  • by fostering service to those in need, encouraging interaction with the marginalized and educating for systemic change.

Criteria of Excellence and Statement of Beliefs for Catholic Schools

(Diocese of Wilmington)

Catholic education is a part of the process whereby the Church faithfully carries on the mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Motivated by the life, teachings, and example of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and the teaching mission of the Church, persons involved in Catholic education seek to create an atmosphere for learning which speaks the Gospel Message and motivates the learner to put into action his/her Christian vocation. This response to Call embraces the Church’s dual purpose of personal sanctification as well as social reform in the light of Christian values.

Catholic education involves itself with the search for solutions of pressing societal problems, especially in the areas of peace and justice. Emphasis is given to recognizing and affirming the dignity of human life with the vision of Jesus.

Holding fast to the belief that a primary goal of Catholic education is the development of the whole person, attention is given to the nurturing of the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual potential of each learner whatever be his/her race, nationality, or religion.

Thus, the Catholic education ministry is committed to promoting the dignity of the individual person; to the building of the faith communities; to service of others; and to celebrating the Christian life through prayer, worship, and example. Catholic schools in the Church of Wilmington seek an excellence built on self-examination coupled with a vision for the future.

For more information, please visit the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington website at www.cdow.org.