Except for very rare exceptions, students stay for lunch during the school year. The three lunch periods are divided into approximately twenty minutes for lunch and twenty minutes for recess. Children have the option to purchase lunch at school or bring their lunch from home.

In order to buy lunches at school, parents create an Meals Plus online account through the K12 Payment Center and the cost of the meals/food items is deducted from the account. Lunches no longer need to be pre-ordered. A menu is posted online so families can decide each day if the student will pack or buy. Two meal options as well as a la carte options will be available each day.

If a student forgets his/her lunch, parents may leave the lunch, identified with name and grade at the office. Lunches and other materials will be forwarded to your child at an appropriate time. Please do not interrupt a class to drop off forgotten food items.

Please include in your child’s lunch box a paper placemat or paper towel to place under his/her lunch. Also include at least two napkins in the lunch box. This is most appreciated as a means of helping with the clean-up at the end of each lunch period. Students are expected to clean their places after eating, pick up papers, dispose of them in the trash containers, and walk to the playground or classroom area when dismissed.

During the outdoor recess time, children may not wander away from the play area. During recess time, respect, courtesy, and cooperation are to be shown to the adults who supervise and to the other children. If a parent wishes to have a child leave school at any time of the school day, prior arrangements must be made through a note sent to the homeroom teacher and forwarded to the office. If your child leaves the school grounds (with an adult and with the knowlege of the office staff), children from other families may NOT accompany your child.