Remedial & Gifted

Remedial services are offered (to a few students) by the federal government or are available privately. Title I  classes are based on specific criteria determined by federal government guidelines.  Teacher aides for classes in kindergarten to grade 2 are provided to assist students in the areas of integrated language arts and math. Speech therapy is offered at Christ the Teacher School with limited state funding provided through Christina School District.  Psyco-educational evaluations are offered by the public school district.  Services sought privately include: hearing therapy and psychological support. Student needs are determined by teacher referral, test scores and parental communication with the teacher.

Daily, algebra (grade 8), prealgebra (grade 7), advanced math grade 3-6 are offered. An enrichment language arts program is offered to students in grades 3-8.  Students must meet specified criteria for admission to advanced classes.  Report card grades and CTB McGraw Hill Terra Nova standardized testing scores are usually above the 95% for two years.  A teacher recommendation is also necessary.