Save Mother Earth

Over the past several years, our students learned about  “Going Green” within our themes of “We Walk On Holy Ground” and “Blessed Learners United for the Environment”.

  • B-lessed – Catholic school community grateful for all of God’s creation
  • L-earners – Academically strong preparing student to be successful adult leaders
  • U-nited – Working together for the common good by participating in community service projects during the school year and in the summer.
  • E-nvironment – preserving the Earth and it’s resources for a future generation.  Our students are serious about recycling in school and at home.  Student have class in our wetland science lab where they learn the importance of caring for the earth and it’s inhabitancts big and small.

For more information about saving our world through amazing recycling projects view this astonishing video called Landfill Harmonic:

We daily  live our faith in our service efforts, in our concern for the protection of Mother Earth,  in the hospitality we offer those who visit our school, and in our honoring of Mary, Our Blessed Mother leading us to God, Our Father, Jesus, our brother, and the Holy Spirit, our guide.

Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for giving us clean water to drink, healthy air to breathe and beautiful land to stay upon. God grant us the wisdom to leave your great gifts for future generations.

One way to create a better environment in which to live is to provide ways to encourage care of the earth within our school building.   Our recycling campaign includes classroom containers for paper collection, blue paper bins conveniently placed on each corridor, and paper and plastic recycle bins located in the cafeteria.  It is our hope that practicing recycling at school creates greater awareness of the need for each of us to do our part, and encourages students to carry efforts to “Go green” to their families and friends helping to make our world a better place.

Direct Contributions

Contributions in large and small amounts have enabled us to meet a variety of needs for academic programs, financial aid for students, and financial support for school improvement. Contributions can be made for a specific purpose, for current projects, or for general needs.


Memorial contributions have enabled the purchase the Holy Family statue for the shrine in the mall in front of the school,  statues of the Blessed Mother for classrooms and offices, and biblies for religion classes and prayer services.

Matching Gifts

A number of businesses (Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Kimberly Clark, Bank of America) will match contributions made to an educational institution.

Volunteer Hours

Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Bank of America, JC Morgan Chase, and Kimberly Clark provide donations to specified institutions and non-profit organizations when employees give hours of volunteer time.
Some companies provide monthly paid hours in which their employees can do volunteer work. Our school welcomes these volunteers.

Solidarity Partnership

We welcome your donations in support of projects in San Marcos, Guatemala.  Please consider partnering with CTTCS students in our service efforts.

The Diocese of Wilmington is engaged in a solidarity partnership with Diocese of San Marcos, Guatemala.  As part of the large diocesan partnership, Christ the Teacher School has committed to a relationship with Cristo El Salvador (CES) School in the village of La Blanca and Juan Diego School outside of San Marcos.  The CES community was seeking support for a water project costing $27,000.  Through the effort of our school community, the CES now has bathrooms and running water.   They are also in need of assistance with the purchase of technology, textbooks, classroom materials, and sports equipment and uniforms.  Last year, CTTCS provided four computers with money raised by our students.  During a visit to San Marcos, our principal delivered eighty volleyball and basketball uniforms.  Teachers a re a graduate visited san Marcos and brought classroom materials for the students and teachers.

In addition to our partnership with Cristo El Salvador, CTTCS is supporting the education two orphans. They are currently attending high school and college to become a teacher.  We have committed to the educational support of these young ladies through the university level.  The cost of their education is $1,000 a year for each one.

Have you considered an alternative Christmas gift giving?  Do you have a friend or relative who would love to know their Christmas or birthday gift is the support of a person or group in need?
Important projects in San Marcos, Guatemala that are in need of donors are:

(1)    95% of the people in Guatemala live in extreme poverty and have no clean water supply.  For $100, a five gallon filter system can be given to a family.  This provides clean water for a day.  The carbon filter annual replacement cost $40.

(2)    Clean cooking prevents respiratory problems for an entire family.  Stoves the use less wood and carry fumes out of the house cost $150.

(3)    The health providers seek donations of Tylenol (any size container) and children’s vitamins (20-30 per bottle as the weather affects the pills once the bottle is open).  Donations are accepted at our school office.  We will ship them to the Maryknoll Sisters in San Marcos.

(4)    Funds to support parish religious education programs for adults, youth and young children.

(5)    La Casa Migrante (Migrant House) educates Guatemalans who are considering illegally leaving the county to find a better life by going through Mexico.  This is a very important project.  In the 18 year history of the Migrant House, 26,000 people have benefitted from the education and safety offered by this program.  Support is urgently needed so this project can continue.

Donations to assist with programs in San Marcos, Guatemala can be sent to our school office.

Contact Christ the Teacher School office for more information.
Phone: 302-838-8850 ext. 129


A number of businesses provide incentives for electronic purchasing. At stores such as Target, Christ the Teacher School can be designated as the recipient of a percentage of your purchase.

Box Tops For Education Collection

Money and equipment is provided to the school by clipping labels from your purchases and sending them to school. Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s labels (including Progresso Products) and Tyson labels are examples of products that can be turned into valuable materials for our school.

Labels for Education Collection

Labels for Education: award free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It is so easy and fun, what a great way to help support the school.

Giant Super A+ Bonus Bucks

Shopping at Giant enables you to send real cash to the school of your choice. You can designate Christ the Teacher School as the recipient of a percent of each purchase you make. Sign up at your local Giant store.

Office Depot – 5% Back to School Program

Schools Take Care of Our Children.
Office Depot and YOU Take Care of Our Schools.
CTT Office Depot School ID # 70124510
• Shop at Office Depot for all of your school supplies
• Be sure to provide your school’s 5% Back to Schools ID number each time you make a purchase
• Office Depot will total the qualifying purchases* made during each program period
• Office Depot will award your school 5% of the qualifying purchases in merchandise credit which can be used towards FREE supplies!
For more details visit:

Food Lion

Christ the Teacher School Code for Food Lion is: 210037
We are excited to inform you that our school will be participating in Classroom Rewards. Classroom Rewards is an incredible program sponsored by Food Lion Stores. This program will allow our school the opportunity to earn much needed funds for our school. Food Lion is donating $1,000,000 back to local communities this year. We are asking for your help to earn a share of those funds for our school. You can help us earn a share of the $1,000,000! Designate Christ the Teacher as your school of choice when you shop at Food Lion.
To register go to:

Target Education Program

We’ve discovered a terrific way Target Stores help schools raise funds!! It’s very easy, and all you have to do is use your Target® Visa® or Target®Card. We will receive a percentage of the amount of each purchase in the form of a cash donation from Target through the Take Charge of Education® program. It’s easy. Just visit, or call 1-800- 316-6142 to designate our school. So if you’re going to Target anyway, please consider using your Target® Visa® or Target® Card.

The United Way

Our United Way number is 9553. Christ the Teacher athletic program can be designated as the recipient of your United Way donations.

  • Let it be known to all who enter here
    that CHRIST is the reason for this school.
    He is the unseen, but ever present Teacher in its classes.
    He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.
    ………Author Unknown

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