Enrollment – How to Apply

The registration form for students in all grades in all grades can be found on the right side of the main webpage under the button “How to Apply.”


Welcome to our website application process!  Thank you for considering Christ the Teacher Catholic School as an educational environment for your children.  We hope that you enjoy looking at our website and that you find a great deal of information that assists you in making school decisions for your family.  To schedule a tour or obtain answers to further questions, please contact our school:

Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Rosemarie Short, Phone (302-838-8850 ext. 126) or e-mail (rshort@christtheteacher.org)or Principal, Sr. LaVerne King, Phone (302-838-8850 ext. 129)  or e-mail (slking@christtheteacher.org).

Waiting List Form

For children entering grade 1-8 in 2017-18:

Your family can be placed on the waiting list by completing the Wait List form.  If you have not already provided a copy of your child’s report card, please send it with the form.  Both the form and the report card must be submitted before admission will be considered.  The form and report card may also be e-mailed to Mrs. Rosie Short (rshort@christtheteacher.org) or faxed to: 302-838-8854.

Thank you again for your interest in Christ the Teacher Catholic School for your family.

Preschool & Kindergarten Admission 2017-18

Please call or email (see contact information above for the principal or administrative assistant) to schedule a tour prior to completing the electronic application form below.  For students entering grades 1-8, kindly bring a copy of a current report card if it has not already been submitted.

To apply for Preschool:

Preschool students for 2017-18 are accepted in the order in which the electronic registration process is completed (see “New Student Registration Form” below) and the registration fee is received in the office.

  • $125 for one child and $200 for a family registration
  • Each family pays an additional $125 deposit toward tuition
  • The total for one child is $250 and the total for a family is $325. The entire registration fee and tuition deposit are non-refundable once your child has been accepted.
  • Your completed registration and CTTCS acceptance will be confirmed by the CTTCS Administrative Assistant.

New Student “Infosnap” Electronic Registration System

Use this form for all new students applying for any grade (note: New students only)

To apply for Kindergarten:

  • For admission to kindergarten, the current preschool or day care teacher must complete and return the “Kindergarten Survey” (see link below).  If your child does not attend preschool, then an admission evaluation can be processed at Christ the Teacher.  Arrangements for meeting with children not attending a preschool currently will be made with individual parents by contacting the school principal (slking@christtheteacher.org or 302-838-8850 ext. 129.
  • kindergarten-survey

Our preschool teacher will complete the survey for all CTTCS Four-Year-Old Preschoolers.  This survey needs to be submitted for all students coming to CTTCS kindergarten from other preschools or day cares.

  • Complete the electronic registration form via the link above.
  • Send the non-refundable fee (fees as listed above under preschool) to the school office.
  • The completed process will be confirmed by the CTTCS Administrative Assistant once all the above items are completed (as long as seats are available). Once the seat is confirmed by the school and the seat accepted by the parents by processing the documents and paying the fee, the total fee is non-refundable.
  • Children are accepted to kindergarten after you meet the policies for order of acceptance, the registration form is submitted, the registration fee is paid, and the survey has been returned or the evaluation completed for children not attending a preschool.

To apply for Grades 1-8:

  • Grades 1-8, kindly forward a copy of a current report card and standardized testing.
  • Please DO NOT complete the full registration process above until notified by the school.
  • Instead, please complete the ‘Wait List Form” (below) and send it to school Attn: Admissions Office or email it to: rshort@christtheteacher.org.Wait List form

Students in grades  1-8 will be accepted as seats become available.  At this point, most of those students will be added to a waiting list.  The full registration process and the payment of non-refundable fees for grades 1-8 will take place after we confirm an available seat for your child(ren). For information about Christ the Teacher Catholic School or to place your child on the waiting list (Grades 1-8 immediately or for 2017-18), please complete the wait list form and email it to the school

c/o:rshort@christtheteacher.org or fax it to: (302) 838-8854 Attn: Admissions Office.

You will be contacted after the “Waiting List” form is received.  At that time, a tour and further information will be provided.  If a seat is available, the electronic registration (above) will be completed and registration fee/tuition deposit will be accepted. The fee is refundable until a seat is confirmed by us and accepted by you.

Students are considered for admission to Christ the Teacher Catholic School according to the following criteria:

While children of all faith persuasions are considered for admission, Catholic families could receive priority admission if you meet the in-parish policy.  Priority consideration is given to those families who are members of one of the four parishes that sponsor Christ the Teacher School (Holy Family, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Joseph, St. Margaret of Scotland). In order to be considered a member of the parish, a family must be a registered, active and participating (giving of time and talent) parishioner. The pastor of your parish will verify parish membership once you have spoken to or met with him. Once that criteria has been met students are considered in the following order:

    1. Siblings of students enrolled in Christ the Teacher Catholic School (Preschool to Grade 8 and Graduates)
    2. Students from Christ the Teacher Preschool and children from sponsoring parishes
    3. Catholics transferring from private or public schools
    4. All others who are in agreement with the mission, philosophy, and policies of the school.  All students participate in religion classes, liturgy, and school prayer each day.

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